Black Despair
The Unknown Figure
Anonymous asked:
So why did you choose New York, of all places? And, in your opinion, what are the differences between European and American culture?

"I chose it for the music and the theater, for it lives within these heated streets, set ablaze almost as much as the city of lights." 

"I have - admittedly - not seen much of the ‘culture’ thus far. I prefer to keep myself… secluded." 

Anonymous asked:
How exactly do you hire people to perform at your opera? Do you face them in person and watch as they audition or simply tell them you are there and if they are qualified through notes?

"I manage my theatre from afar, Monsieur. Rarely do I directly take part in the task of auditioning."

the-fruit-salad-oddball asked:
Hiya, Phantom! What'd you do on your break? Did you kill some guys? Haunt some stuff? Play some music? I'm curious.


Anonymous asked:
What would you do if you walked into your bedchamber and found Christine naked, waiting for you in bed?

"Kindly bother me no more with such impossible dreams.

Christine has long ago flown far from my sight.
Her presence once more shall never be felt.
Much less… her flesh.”

Anonymous asked:
can I touch your butt?

"Unless this is referring to the butt of some weapon I have hand crafted, kindly leave my presence… 

And on second consideration, even if it is.”

Anonymous asked:
If you could say something to Christine now, what would you say?

"Baby Come back to me
In my heart I still believe
We were meant to be
Together so whatever it takes
Baby come back to me
I should have never set you free
My baby
Come back!”

So, imagine this: You’re running a lemonade stand, right? And somebody comes up to you and says “Hey, got any orange juice?” and you say “No, sorry, I don’t.” They walk away. You sell your lemonade in peace for awhile and then a little later someone else comes up and says, “Hey, do you sell any orange juice?” You say, “No, sorry. I don’t.” Okay, no big deal. This happens a few more times. “Got any orange juice?” “Nope, sorry.” “Do you have any orange juice?” “No, I don’t sorry.” “Do you sell orange juice?” “No, I’m sorry, I don’t.” So, eventually, you put up a sign on your lemonade stand. “Lemonade stand! Sorry, we don’t have any orange juice!” You sell or lemonade, but not long later, someone comes up to you, “Hey, got any orange juice?” And naturally you’re like, “No, sorry. Actually, there’s a sign right there that says we don’t sell orange juice.” They leave. Not long later someone else comes up. “Hey, got any orange juice.” “No, please read the sign.” “Have you got any orange juice,” someone else asks. “No, sorry. There’s a sign.” Finally, you’re about to close up and someone comes up to you again, “Hey, got any orange juice?” and you just go, “Dude, come on. There’s a sign right there that says no orange juice!” And then you get yelled at by everyone in the neighborhood, “Hey! They didn’t know! Just be polite!” THAT’S WHAT IT’S LIKE WHEN YOU SNAP AT ONE PERSON FOR NOT READING YOUR RULES PAGE AND THEN YOU GET ANON HATE FOR IT.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a six pack?

"Of what, Monsieur?”

Anonymous asked:
Do you believe you will ever get over Christine?

"What lying fool was it who claimed I had any intention of trying to, Monsieur?”

Now listen to me…