Black Despair
The Unknown Figure
Anonymous asked:
No no, you've misunderstood. I don't want to marry YOU per say, I would like you to marry me to someone else. Perform the ceremony. We've been looking for a minister for a while now, it's slim pickins out there. Whaddya say? Marry me?

"What inkling of knowledge about me leads you to believe I am in any form a man of God?"

Anonymous asked:
Who is your favorite modern artist?

bin135 asked:
You know, some people say that wearing black is an expression of sexual frustration...

"Some wear is as a sign of death and power as well, Mademoiselle.”

Anonymous asked:
How did you know [when] you were in love with Mademoiselle Daaé?

"Would one know light, Monsieur, if he had waited all his life in darkness?"

Anonymous asked:
You've made it clear that you don't want kids - but if you could ensure that the child would be born without deformities, would your position change?

He thought on this awhile.


"Why trouble me with such useless thoughts? Of what difference could my answer be if such things could never be so, regardless?"

Anonymous asked:
Come to me, my Angel of Music. Play for me songs in my head and sing with your sweet voice into my virgin ears.

"I am not your puppet, your angel, nor your anything else.”

"And it should do you well before I give reason to become your nightmare instead.”